Friday, June 10, 2016

Walking by the river, living through this "life"

When I asked them, they said they know their belongingness,
But they said they don't know the everyday passers by,
Millions pass by everyday, carrying whatever is and was theirs,
One tells the story of how the flowing water in it never returns,
And how it calls it "time" in the other "life", which never looks back,

As I continue talking, they say you cannot hold both of us,
None of us stops, none can hold us, not her "flow" not her "time",
They talk about how they remain calm, get enraged, smile,
They swell, they go dry under the varying rainy and sunny days

No birth, no death, no arrival, no departure can lead them to an end,
They grow from self, they never end, they just find an alternate way,
They mother several lives, within the span of one of theirs,
They are worshipped, enjoyed and watched through all their terrains,

As I keep the conversation flow, I realize "my" life moving through,
I realize the flow of time in life and that of water in the river,
It has been witnessed centuries before and will be for centuries ahead,
Like the rivers flow with no returns, time and life will never have a return :)


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