Friday, April 28, 2017

Reflections of Self ...

Some memories give me a smile to remind me of the beautiful people I came across, 
Beautiful reminders of pampering touch reminds me of the strong family I belong to, 
Some not so good times when I recall, always have people who became pillars of fallen me, 
Some people who are still mine, tell me things, for a better version of me, 
Some laughs of the past remind me of the innocence I still have, like those rainbow smiles, 
With each experience of past I map the learnings into my eyes, into my self everyday, 
Strong present of today, reminds me to face the unknown tomorrow, 
The unknown tomorrow, I me and myself will face, will survive together, 
A reflection, shadow which moves with me through the roller coaster and beautiful terrains, that's the one at the end I would meet, the life, the refection, the Shiva ! 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Walking by the river, living through this "life"

When I asked them, they said they know their belongingness,
But they said they don't know the everyday passers by,
Millions pass by everyday, carrying whatever is and was theirs,
One tells the story of how the flowing water in it never returns,
And how it calls it "time" in the other "life", which never looks back,

As I continue talking, they say you cannot hold both of us,
None of us stops, none can hold us, not her "flow" not her "time",
They talk about how they remain calm, get enraged, smile,
They swell, they go dry under the varying rainy and sunny days

No birth, no death, no arrival, no departure can lead them to an end,
They grow from self, they never end, they just find an alternate way,
They mother several lives, within the span of one of theirs,
They are worshipped, enjoyed and watched through all their terrains,

As I keep the conversation flow, I realize "my" life moving through,
I realize the flow of time in life and that of water in the river,
It has been witnessed centuries before and will be for centuries ahead,
Like the rivers flow with no returns, time and life will never have a return :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

"Maple" Talks

Its been almost 3 years I wrote something here, trying to give some life to "Quintessential Aastha" because that's quintessentially me !

So here's a some talks I had with the Maples lying on my way ;)

There lay these maples on my path, narrating the tens of stories of the feet that just stepped over it, 
They tell about their summer cheers, when they collected colors of passers by and witnessed chirps around, 
The weight of the lives, how it made them fall, after holding on for long and how these lives then escaped hiding from the autumn winds,
Oh ! these conversations may be same everyday but they have new shades to them,or may more of them lay in the path everyday,   
There is a way they made they say, a way for new tiny greens to bloom when the smiles will bloom on faces of walking souls sidelining winter chills
Oh yeah ! It is beautiful it is as beautiful as the arrival of spring as enchanting as the bells of Christmas melting the frozen winters. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just it’s Everyday

Giving a smile, as the sun dawns the horizon
Standing by self at the edge of every cliff
Walking with my people on every road of life
Painting the beautiful tomorrow with the brushes of today

Breathing with every breeze that blows across
Feeling the warmth of the sun in sky's arms
Cherishing the works of Mother Nature each day
Writing the stories of today for reading tomorrow

Pocketing the learning’s of each day in the mind
Collecting the joys of today to open the bundle tomorrow
Loving thyself and thy loved every moment as it passes by
Praying for another day to grow penning the story of everyday

That’s how life is walking, going, running each day,
No holding just letting it flow and flowing through each day!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The wings are mine

I had them small, I had them and just had them here,
They were nurtured, they were taught to open up and fly,
I fluttered them with all my efforts, to take a flight
I flew, I fell, I tried and learnt to spread them wide

Now I take flights up and high, I take flights across my dreams
I know where to come back from, I know where to touch them all the way
I know my tender nest awaits, I realize the strength that fades away
But as I say, the wings are mine, to spread on the rainbow lanes

The wings are mine to reach the skies, they are my dreams awake each day
The wings are mine to fly till the rainbow hails my skies all along
The wings are mine to rest in the nest at each dusk to wait for dawn
The wings are mine to start a new way, with each dawn kissing my horizon.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Tribute to Time !!!

At times you are winged and fly away,
Sometimes I wonder how you are the biggest healer,
You are the one who comes back as memories,
You are the reason behind the smiles and the tears.

You are the companion of us, more than ourselves, 
You are the power to define death and the birth,
All times each conversation revolves around you,
You are the time to hurry up and the one to relax.

You are part of all jokes, you are form all philosophies,
You are the weakness of the man, you are his strength,
You are a shapeless, formless driver of this earth,
From the formation of the universe till its end, you hold it on.

You are the right times, wrong times and testing times,
You are the past, present and the future of us, 
You are the science, no virtue and no theory,
Dear Time!! All times everywhere its your story !!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My share of Dreams !!!!

Sooner or later but I have lived upto my dreams,
Like a bird measuring the sky, is the limit set for them
When their wings droop, the shade of thy womb rewinds again
Brakes are put, breaks i take, but the sips of water breathe air
the feelings of success may not be the happiest but are happy
The surrender to almighty is thy meaning of each dream
the tenderness is hidden under the nutty shell
that smile is half a mile longing for the race
the time is going to knock..when the wings will take the flight.
My wings I will spread..holding my dreams knocking the sky
No arrow no launcher..will catch the eye..when they will fly