Friday, April 28, 2017

Reflections of Self ...

Some memories give me a smile to remind me of the beautiful people I came across, 
Beautiful reminders of pampering touch reminds me of the strong family I belong to, 
Some not so good times when I recall, always have people who became pillars of fallen me, 
Some people who are still mine, tell me things, for a better version of me, 
Some laughs of the past remind me of the innocence I still have, like those rainbow smiles, 
With each experience of past I map the learnings into my eyes, into my self everyday, 
Strong present of today, reminds me to face the unknown tomorrow, 
The unknown tomorrow, I me and myself will face, will survive together, 
A reflection, shadow which moves with me through the roller coaster and beautiful terrains, that's the one at the end I would meet, the life, the refection, the Shiva ! 

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